July 20, 2018

Activism 10 and TAG RVA

Flyer Posted at Richmond Young Writers / Life in 10 Minutes
Throughout the course of my seventh grade school year, I ran a club called TCLU, Tuckahoe Civil Liberties Union, as a civil liberties group meeting every other Wednesday. This did not go very far, but it helped me create a steadfast group of people who care as much as (if not more than) me. This group later became known as the Teen Advocacy Group of Richmond, VA which changes topic every month or so, and is currently working on Community Control Over Police Surveillance (CCOPS). TAG RVA, understandably, has not gained much ground over the summer, but now that I'm editing this in the fall, we have started talking about race and it is going very well.

Another branch I made, over the course of a lot of that school year, is Activism 10 ( This later fizzled out (contact me if you want to manage it). While it was active, I made a weekly post about current screw-ups with politics and what the average citizen can do to help in 10 quick minutes or less. I also had ways to contact me for a weekly post suggestion, a way to find who your state representatives were for easy contact, and a "press" page about everything I've done. Act 10 was perfect for people with busy lives or little motivation (like I had) to still do their part to hold up a tumbling democracy.

On a personal note, I am very proud of TAG RVA and have high hopes of its future, though its hard to keep up when yourself and your group have such a summer-like schedule. And for Act 10, I'm glad I stopped working on it, so I could focus on other things (not spread out to thin) though I seem to notice a pattern of me starting something, getting interested in it, then not doing anything about it. I hope that doesn't happen to the other stuff I'm working on.

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