July 20, 2018

WRIR Podcast Interview

A while back, my mom Valley Haggard was invited for a WRIR Radio Station interview about her writing through her company Life in 10 Minutes. They then found out about me on Facebook, and invited me to do a joint-interview with her. We were both asked to read an excerpt from a book of our choice and one of our writings, so I chose Common Sense, and a would-be book of mine called Apt Reasoning.

The full recording is here.

In the Prose & Cons blog, they said "It’s not often that you meet a 13-year-old who has already accomplished more than a studio full of radio hosts in their mid-20s combined… but Henry Haggard is no ordinary lad! He’s organized rallies, written columns, and been involved with some of the heaviest-hitting non-profits around. Henry Haggard is my hero. Henry wants to spread the good word about Love 146, an international organization dedicated to stopping child trafficking and exploitation. He also wants you–yes, you–to vote! This young man gives me hope for the future."

Helpful stuff:
Starts 1:45
Henry Startup 2:05
Reading Common Sense 13:50
Good question/answer 30:45
Apt Reasoning 34:03
Extra time CCOPS conversation 56:11
Horrible voice crack 56:15
Gun reform protests 1:00:05 (when I say administration not at fault, I mean of our school)
My gun perspective 1:01:05

Somewhere in here I swear I gave an amazing monologue about education but I can't find it...

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